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Big Data on Small Screens

If you’ve never heard of MEASURE DHS, you’ve surely heard statistics from the more than 300 surveys the project conducts in more than 90 countries. This information about population, health, HIV, and nutrition guides both policy and humanitarian and aid programs around the world. To make this data more widely available, MEASURE DHS worked with Blue Raster to create a mobile app using Adobe PhoneGap that is accessible across iOS and Android devices.

Blue Raster chose PhoneGap to avoid the cost and time required to develop the app natively for different platforms. The team also relied on Adobe PhoneGap Build to make the app available online for client review.

One of the key goals was to provide access to data while out of Wi-Fi and cell range. A local storage API makes all indicator and survey data in the app available offline, so data is stored locally without requiring an internet connection. User feedback has been positive, and the app saw more than 1,000 downloads in its first five months.

According to Michael Lippmann, co-founder and principal of Blue Raster, “The ability to code once and deploy across mobile devices using the Adobe PhoneGap Build cloud service saved us months of development time.”

Read the full case study (PDF)