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August Build Update

In July we had two major updates - user submitted plugins and support for Japanese. We also had an incredibly successful PhoneGap Day in July - more details here. Coming up next is PhoneGap Day EU on September 24th in Amsterdam and PhoneGap Day BR on November 26 in Rio de Janeiro.

Going forward in August we are heads down working on completing support for Cordova 3.0. We also have a number of bugs that we plan to tackle once we have the Cordova 3.0 support wrapped up. How do we sort through bugs? Every week we go through the build community forum and prioritize issues sourced from there. We then tackle items based on priority - high, medium, or low. If you feel strongly that we haven’t categorized something correctly, please let us know. Ultimately we set priority based on your feedback.

We have had a number of requests to support Windows Phone 8 and BlackBerry 10. We wanted to say that we are actively working with BlackBerry and Microsoft to get additional help to get those platforms supported in Build.

Our current immediate priorities are as follows:

· Cordova 3.0 · High Priority Bug fixes · Service Status Page · Windows Phone 8 and BlackBerry 10 support · Medium priority bug fixes · Low priority bug fixes