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Upcoming Deprecation of Cordova 2.3.0 and Below on Build

We’re hard at work finishing up support for Cordova 3.0.0 on PhoneGap Build, and with new life, comes death, or something. We’ll be deprecating Cordova 2.3.0 and below with our upcoming release of 3.0.0. This is our heads up!

We’re doing this so that we can focus on new Cordova versions and new features, and keep Build cleaner and faster. Also, maintaining old Cordova versions makes Bob cranky. Keep your eyes on this blog, and the PhoneGap Build twitter, for our 3.0.0 announcement.

There’s really no reason why anyone should not be using the latest version of Cordova, but if for some reason you are and are having trouble upgrading, we’re here to help.