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PhoneGap and Tripcase: Be Brilliant on Every Trip

If you travel a lot, you need to check out TripCase, a free web and mobile app for travelers built for Apple and Android platforms using several developer tools, with PhoneGap playing a leading role. Created by travel technology giant Sabre, TripCase integrates with Sabre’s global distribution system so your itinerary—including flights, hotels, ground transport, activities, restaurants, meetings, and more—is automatically populated the app.

In the past, a small team of developers programed the app with HTML, Objective C for iOS, Java for Android, and also created a BlackBerry app with other developer tools. Sabre wanted a new way to build once and deploy one app across all mobile platforms, including mobile web.

The development team chose to work with PhoneGap because it was easy to learn and use, and all team members could work on one code base and simultaneously deploy products across platforms. Using PhoneGap Build during early stages of the project provided business teams and quality testing teams with quick and easy access to iterations and builds on multiple devices. The app leverages Ruby on Rails to power the desktop website and to provide data to the mobile clients, while PhoneGap wraps the single HTML5 application for both iOS and Android platforms. Written in HTML5, the mobile codebase uses JavaScript libraries such as Backbone.js and RequireJS.

The app now has more than 1.5 million users, and recently reached the iTunes top 25 free travel apps list. Ben Newell, product director at TripCase says, “Using Adobe PhoneGap, we’re leveraging the power, reach, and opportunity of mobile devices to create a single home for collecting and storing all of your travel information in one place. A lot of users have told us it’s like a ‘personal travel concierge,’ which is a great way to think of TripCase.”

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