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PhoneGap 3.0 Now Supported in PhoneGap Build

PhoneGap 3.0 is now available as a build target in PhoneGap Build! You can start using 3.0 by specifying it in your config.xml file by using the phonegap-version preference:

<preference name="phonegap-version" value="3.0.0" />

Currently the supported platforms in PhoneGap Build for 3.0 are iOS and Android. Keep in mind that not all user-submitted plugins will work because not all of them have been updated to support 3.0.

There have also been a lot of changes between Cordova 2.9 and 3.0 that you’ll need to be aware of when you create 3.0 applications. The core features (camera, geolocation, etc) have all been moved into a plugin architecture. The benefit is that you no longer need to include the libraries that supports camera if your application doesn’t use it. But it also means you’ll need to specifically add the those core plugins to your project when doing local development. Luckily PhoneGap Build makes this easy.

There is a new tab under the Plugins page which shows a list of all the core plugins available. Clicking on one of those plugins shows information on how to use it in your project. For instance for Camera you need to add the following line to your config.xml project:

<gap:plugin name="" />

PhoneGap Build will then take care of making sure your iOS and Android versions are set up to use the Camera APIs. The team has an example project with Camera support that you can use to see how your config files should be set up.

###Config.xml changes

There have also been some improvements to config.xml. You can now specify which platforms to have PhoneGap Build package for you by using the <gap:platform /> tag. PhoneGap Build also now supports all of the possible preference options available in the PhoneGap config.xml file. You can find out more about those on the docs by clicking on the specific platform for details.

###Bugs and other Fixes In addition to 3.0 support the team has fixed a number of issues:

###The Future

The team is hard at work implementing Windows Phone 8 support which will be part of our next big release. In addition the team has also already started working on supporting 3.1.0 which supports iOS 7. We’ll be posting more about both of those soon.

Be sure to let us know about any issues you encounter by posting to the Get Satisfaction forums.