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Festival app for beer lovers

Yesterday was the first day of the Great American Beer Festival (GABF) in Denver, Colorado. Those lucky enough to attend the three-day festival can make sure they don’t miss anything (or get lost) by downloading the My GABF app. Created for The Brewers Association by Adobe agency partner The1stMovment (T1M), the festival app helps the more than 49,000 attendees navigate the hall, locate information on more than 600 breweries and 3,000+ beers, take notes, rate tastings, and receive event notifications in real time.

Adobe PhoneGap enabled T1M to rapidly prototype the app and get immediate feedback from the client. The app has a branded look and feel and just the right balance of features and animations that make it both fun and useful. Best of all, My GABF can be downloaded on both iOS and Android devices.

Ming Chan, CEO of T1M, explained the value of using PhoneGap, saying, “We knew we wanted to build a web app, but have it available for download across mobile platforms. Using PhoneGap, we were able to easily involve the client in the development process and successfully deliver on client expectations, while saving time and money.”

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