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PhoneGap 3.1.0 Command Line Tools Now Available

With the release of Cordova 3.1.0 we’ve now revved the PhoneGap CLI to leverage the new version of Cordova. You can use npm update phonegap or install it from scratch using sudo npm install -g phonegap. More detailed install instructions are on the PhoneGap Install page.

The main highlight of the 3.1.0 release for PhoneGap is the support iOS 7 so you’ll be able to build your applications with full iOS 7 support. There are also numerous bug fixes to the platforms. You can see the details in the Cordova 3.1 release blog post.

The Cordova release also included initial support for Firefox OS as well as CLI support for Windows 8. Those two platform aren’t yet supported in the PhoneGap CLI tools.

We’re working on adding PhoneGap 3.1 support to PhoneGap Build soon so you’ll be able to remotely build 3.1 applications in the next couple of weeks.