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PhoneGap Build beta support for Windows Phone 8

We are very pleased to announce a beta release of PhoneGap Build that supports Windows Phone 8 and Cordova 3.0. We welcome you to try building Windows Phone 8 applications with this new version of PhoneGap Build and deploy to you devices.

As this is a beta release, there are some things we are still actively working on. These include

  • Many third party plugins do not yet support Windows Phone 8
  • Hydration isn’t working yet for Windows Phone 8
  • Installation via QR Code isn’t supported.

In the interests of delivering this new platform to you sooner, we decided to make this available now while continuing to test in Parallel with the PhoneGap Build user Community.

Other things we are actively working on include: Support for Cordova 3.1 and iOS7, increasing app file size limit and improving the file transfer between github and PhoneGap Build.

Happy Building!