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Bigger Apps have Arrived

The PhoneGap Build team is happy to announce the increase of file sizes to 40MB for paid users of PhoneGap Build.

We heard you in the community–15MB is just too small–and after gathering your feedback, it’s clear that 40MB will help you handle larger projects through PhoneGap Build. We’re looking forward to seeing the rich apps you’ll create!

This is just one of the many benefits we pass along to our paid members. If you’re not a paid member, now is great time to join. In addition to increased file sizes, you can host up to 25 private apps. You can choose between two different plans: PhoneGap Build by itself or Adobe’s Creative Cloud. If you’re looking to create projects with Photoshop, Edge Tools and the whole suite of Adobe products, consider joining Creative Cloud.

We’re continuing to work hard to improve the PhoneGap Build service and make it a valuable part of your workflow. We can’t wait to see what develops!