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PhoneGap 3.2.0 Released

For your enjoyment, PhoneGap 3.2.0 has been packaged and shipped out the door!

What’s New

This release is focused on stability.

There are a large number of bug fixes and improvements to the Cordova engine. If you’re interested in diving into the details, then checkout our release notes.

How to Upgrade PhoneGap

Mac and Linux:

$ sudo npm install -g phonegap


C:\> npm install -g phonegap

How to Upgrade an App

$ cd path/to/my-app
$ phonegap platform update android

You can substitute android for any platform name.

PhoneGap Build Support

PhoneGap Build support is hot-on-the-heels on the PhoneGap 3.2.0 release. You can expect to see PhoneGap Build 3.2.0 support in roughly 1-2 weeks.

Issues and Improvements

Remember, PhoneGap is for you. If you discover an issue or need an improvement, don’t hesitate to submit a request!

All command-line usage issues can be submitted to the PhoneGap CLI Issue Tracker.

All application issues can be submitted to the Cordova Issue Tracker.

Don’t worry about submitting to the wrong place. We can always move it for you!

Update 2013-11-29: PhoneGap CLI 3.2.0-0.16.0 now supports platform updates!