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Windows Azure Mobile Services, now with integrated PhoneGap support

As announced by @ScottGu today, our Microsoft friends have added integrated support for PhoneGap to Azure Mobile Services.

Most apps need to backend services to store data or send push notifications. With Azure Mobile Services, you can add a cloud backend to your PhoneGap app in minutes with common capabilities such as storage, user authentication and management, and cross-platform push notifications. Developers have been using Mobile Services with their PhoneGap apps since the JavaScript SDK release in early 2013, and today’s integration just made the experience smoother.

With PhoneGap, client developers can easily build dynamic app experiences using JavaScript. Azure Mobile Services is a great complement to PhoneGap, giving client developers a backend for their app without having to deploy or manage anything. And the best part is - should developers need to extend their Mobile Service with custom logic, they can do so by adding JavaScript on the server (Node.js) and leveraging the full ecosystem of Node.js modules, Azure and 3rd party services.

Check out Azure Mobile Services, now with integrated PhoneGap support. You can also check out their PhoneGap tutorial to get started.