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PhoneGap at Adobe Summit

The PhoneGap team is excited to be headed to the Adobe Summit from March 24-28 in Salt Lake City, UT. We’ll be sharing some news as well as have a hands-on lab to learn more about a new offering, PhoneGap Enterprise.

L712 - Hands-on Lab: Building mobile apps with PhoneGap Enterprise

Andrew Savory - Senior Technical Product Marketing Manager, Adobe John Fait - Engineering Project Lead, Adobe

Learn how to build mobile applications for iPhone and Android using PhoneGap Enterprise and Adobe Experience Manager. Put together a multiscreen mobile app, test it in simulators, and learn how to keep it updated—all using the familiar authoring interface of Experience Manager.

In this hands-on lab: – Build your own mobile application – Test your application in simulators – Update your application on the fly

Learn more about the Lab Learn more about Adobe Summit