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Introducing PhoneGap for the Enterprise

Today at Adobe Summit, we are excited to announce a new offering - PhoneGap Enterprise. Through conversations with enterprise PhoneGap developers we’ve recognized their need for a more robust set of tools with which to build mobile apps and collaborate with business stakeholders.

Marketed as PhoneGap Enterprise for developers and Adobe Experience Manager apps for marketers, this will be the first mobile app development platform that brings teams together to drive efficiency in app development, improve collaboration, and deliver better app experiences. This leverages the ever-popular PhoneGap development framework, so developers can build great cross-platform apps or embed PhoneGap into native apps, using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

With PhoneGap Enterprise, we’re proud to offer:

  • Better collaboration - With our new PhoneGap Enterprise app, developer team members and business colleagues can view the latest version of apps in production, development and staging

  • App editing capabilities – Non-developer colleagues can edit and improve the app experience using a simple drag-and-drop interface from the new Adobe Experience Manager apps; this way developers can focus on building new features, not on making updates.

  • Analytics & optimization – Teams can immediately start measuring app performance with Adobe Analytics; we’re also planning to incorporate functionality so teams can start A/B testing their way to higher app engagement and monetization using Adobe Target.

  • Push notifications – Engage your customers on-the-go with push notifications from Adobe Campaign

  • Support and training - PhoneGap Enterprise comes with SLA and support so customers can be rest assured that Adobe PhoneGap has their back.

As you can see, we’ve partnered with Adobe’s leading Marketing Cloud solutions to not only focus on app development, but more broadly – app success. Adobe Experience Manager brings the easy to use business user authoring capabilities that have historically only existed for the web to mobile apps, so that teams can continuously improve the mobile app experience without developer resources. Leveraging the integration with Adobe Analytics, teams can tailor their updates in response to actual user behavior.

With PhoneGap Enterprise we’re tackling the entire app lifecycle to enable teams – from developers to marketers – to deliver better apps that will build greater loyalty with customers over time. We will continue to add functionality to help teams collaborate and move through app design, development, testing, publishing, analysis, and optimization, more efficiently and with better results. For more details, check out our PhoneGap Enterprise homepage.