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How You Sign into PhoneGap Build is Changing.

On May 15th we will be removing the ability to sign into our service without either a GitHub or Adobe ID. This is to simplify authentication and enhance the security of our service by not handling or storing any user credentials.

If you registered or can sign in now with your GitHub account or Adobe ID then this will have no impact on you. Although, if you have a legacy username/password to our service, it will be deleted.

If you were a member of the service during the beta period and have NOT linked your account with an Adobe ID or GitHub account then please do so before May 15th.

To link your account with an Adobe ID or your GitHub account, go to your account settings page and you will find buttons that will link your account to an existing (or new) Adobe ID or to your GitHub account. It’s simple and painless.

As part of this change we are deprecating basic authentication for the API. We recommend using your API access token for all API access going forward. As yet we have no timeframe for disabling basic authentication altogether, but rest assured we will give adequate notice.