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Firefox OS Phones for PhoneGap Devs

Mozilla is focused on finding the very best Open Web Apps to bring to Firefox OS — apps that deliver great experiences and local relevance to Firefox OS mobile users around the world. For HTML5 developers, powerful cross-platform tools make it easier to build apps for native platforms and to access native device APIs.

Firefox OS is now supported in the 3.4 releases of Apache Cordova and Adobe PhoneGap, making it possible to release Cordova/PhoneGap apps on the Firefox OS platform. While this is an ongoing project, significant functionality is available now. greBuilding Cordova Apps for Firefox OS describes how to use these new capabilities to port your existing app or apps.

If you’ve already built apps with Cordova/PhoneGap there’s a unique opportunity to port your apps quickly and easily.

We’ve heard from developers who successfully migrated PhoneGap apps to Firefox OS over a weekend — taking hours, not weeks or months. And we know there are great PhoneGap apps out there. For this reason, the current phase of our Phones for Apps program focuses exclusively on app “porters” with currently popular and well-rated Cordova/PhoneGap apps. (NOTE: HTML5 applications can be packaged as native apps via the framework and made available for installation. Cordova is the underlying software in the Adobe product PhoneGap.)

Here’s how it works: Complete the Phones for PhoneGap program enrollment form

  • All submissions will be reviewed as they are received. Mozilla will notify you if your application is accepted.
  • If your popular, well-rated app is a fit for Firefox Marketplace, Mozilla will ship you a free developer device and help you through the process of getting your app into the Firefox Marketplace.