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PhoneGap Community Highlight: OK GROW!

We’re excited to highlight people in the PhoneGap community who are creating awesome work. Our popularity and success is due to our hardworking community and we want to showcase their great work:

Tell us about yourself?

OK GROW! is an expert app development agency that specializes in cross platform application development. We love building apps for our clients and that’s all we do! We’re a 5 person team based out of Toronto, Canada and a few members of our team have been developing for the web since the early 1990’s.

How long have you worked with PhoneGap/Cordova?

We’ve been using PhoneGap for about 2 years. We’re super focused on building web-based apps and always target mobile devices first. Even when a web browser is the platform we aim for the same app-like experience you’d expect on a mobile device. PhoneGap has been a great platform to leverage when building these types of apps, because we can then package and distribute (via iOS App Store, Google Play, etc) the app for download on pretty much any phone our clients’ customers use.

What platforms do you focus on?

We are fairly platform agnostic. However when we decide to build for a platform we like to understand which market the consumers will come from first, then plan from there. Most of the time the result is iOS and Android, so more of our focus is spent on those 2 primarily.

What’s your specialty?

Developing cross platform applications. We love working with funded startups to launch new products and services using Lean Startup principles. We also specialize in helping larger corporate clients improve existing products or bring new technology ideas to market as well - Both from a strategic and executional level.

What are your favourite frameworks/libraries to use with PhoneGap?

Lately we’ve been using Meteor. We’re plugged into the community and have even started Meteor workshops for developers around Toronto. You can find out a bit more here:

Most recently we built the Kidde app. It’s not a sexy game app or anything however if you’re not familiar with Kidde, they’ve been around since 1917 and are the Canadian industry leaders in manufacturing and distributing fire detection and suppression equipment.

The problem they were looking to solve was how to improve home fire safety for consumers? The solution was a cross-platform mobile app that evaluates your home safety and recommends improvements including a customized checklist to simplify shopping for home safety products. The stickiness of the app is sending reminders when it’s time to change your smoke alarm batteries and perform other regular maintenance. Here’s some more background with images of the app:

Fun question: What’s your claim to fame?

Having Alistair Croll (@acroll), author of the book Lean Analytics: Use Data to Build a Better Startup Faster, speak at our Startup Metrics Toronto Event. Ok maybe, that’s not an OK GROW! claim to fame, however we’re very passionate about how to use data to build awesome apps and subscribe to many principles in that book, so it was pretty cool to connect those dots and have him join us.

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