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PhoneGap Desktop App 0.1.1 Beta

Today, we’re announcing the release of the PhoneGap Desktop App beta!

PhoneGap Promo

Easy to Use

The PhoneGap Desktop App is the easiest way to get started with PhoneGap. It’s an alternative to the PhoneGap CLI, yet it uses the same libraries under-the-hood.

There’s no complicated installation. You don’t need git, npm, or even node.js. We include all of the important parts for you, so that you can focus on creating your next app!

We also continue to promote cross-platform love. The PhoneGap Desktop App works on Windows and Mac. If you’re on a Linux box, then let us know so that we can support it too!

Get the App

1. Download

2. Install

  1. Extract the download.
  2. Install the app:
    • On a Mac, drag & drop to the Applications folder.
    • On Windows, move the PhoneGap folder anywhere you want.

Use the App

1. Open the PhoneGap Desktop App

Double-click the application from where you installed it.

2. Create Your First App

  1. Click the + on the left-panel.
  2. Select Create new PhoneGap project…
    • Choose a local path to save your project
    • Choose a name for your project, such as “Hello World”
  3. Select Create project.

3. Start the Server

The server should start by default. You’ll know because the bottom of the app has a green banner with your IP address.

If the server has not started, click the arrow (>) to the right of your app’s name.

4. Pair with the PhoneGap Developer App

Pairing the PhoneGap Desktop App

Don’t have the PhoneGap Developer App? Learn how to get here.

5. Get to Work

It’s now business as usual. You can now edit and immediately preview your project on a device.

  • Open www/index.html.
  • Edit any content.
  • Save the file.
  • See the updates appear on your device.

PhoneGap Desktop App Workflow

Get Involved

We can’t emphasize enough how important your involvement is in our projects! Please give us feedback and report issues. Similar to our other projects, the PhoneGap Desktop App is entirely opened sourced and waiting for contributions!