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PhoneGap Day US 2014: Advanced and God Mode Tracks

We had some incredible workshops at PhoneGap Day US 2014 with content to help those new to PhoneGap as well as seasoned veterans.

The Advanced and God Mode tracks are brought to you by Holly Schinsky and Christophe Coenraets.

Advanced Track:

Learn how to architect large, complex, and native-like PhoneGap apps using HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. We will investigate mobile challenges and find solutions for them as well as learn all about Single Page Architecture, HTML templates, effective touch events, performance techniques, MVC Frameworks and more. In this session you will also learn more about PhoneGap Enterprise and see how page editing and content update works.

God Mode Track:

In this session we’ll build a full-blown mobile application from scratch for a real world scenario using PhoneGap and a popular UI framework stack. You will learn how to implement various plugins and all about the plugin architecture in general so you can go build your own custom plugins in the future. We’ll use the tools introduced in the first session and knowledge gleaned throughout the day to help solidify the concepts. You’ll also delve more into the PhoneGap Enterprise offering and see a demo using a specific app that will show off some of the new features available.