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PhoneGap Day US 2014: Firefox OS App Workshop

Firefox OS is an open source operating system for mobile built using HTML5, Javascript and open web standards. Firefox OS integration with Apache Cordova / Adobe PhoneGap began early this year, and development is ongoing. As Firefox OS continues to expand to new markets around the world, there’s a great opportunity for multi-platform app developers like you. If you are interested in porting an application built with Cordova to Firefox OS, this workshop will get you up and running. Participants will have the opportunity to go home with a Firefox OS Flame reference device.

We’ll begin with the current status of the Firefox OS Cordova integration, including demos of building and debugging basic Cordova Apps using Firefox’s new Web IDE. The rest of the workshop will be hands-on: we’ll help you run your app on a Firefox OS device. Some of the topics that we’ll cover:

  1. Installing and setting up Firefox OS with Cordova
  2. Demos of Cordova plugins that support Firefox OS
  3. Connecting a Firefox OS phone and pushing your app to a live device
  4. Overview of all available developer tools
  5. Editing and live debugging your Firefox App with the App Manager and WebIDE
  6. Experimenting with the PhoneGap Developer App

Big thanks to the Mozilla team for this great workshop and PhoneGap Day session.

Piotr Zalewa, Senior Web Developer, Mozilla

Vishy Krishnamoorthy, Mozilla