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PhoneGap Desktop App 0.1.4

PhoneGap Desktop App 0.1.4 Beta is now available!


Download and install the PhoneGap Desktop App Beta 0.1.4 release:

Anyone already using the app will receive an update notification within the app. If you don’t receive a notification let us know in our issue tracker.


We’ve had some users report issues with PhoneGap Desktop’s auto-updater. You can manually update with PhoneGapDesktop.dmg or PhoneGapDesktop.exe on the PhoneGap Desktop’s release page.

What’s New

This release focused on fixing issues related to invalid project templates during project creation which would cause the “config.xml not found” error.

For those interested in the full CHANGELOG:

  • #322 PhoneGap Desktop unable to load project templates.
  • #325 PhoneGap “Server is Offline”/config.xml missing.
  • #331 Server Offline -> Selected folder doesn’t contain config.xml file.
  • #333 Update to connect-phonegap 0.15.0.

Getting Involved

Thank you for the dozens of submitted issues that have helped improve this app!

You can get involved by: