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PhoneGap Desktop App 0.1.5

PhoneGap Desktop App 0.1.5 Beta is now available!


Download and install the PhoneGap Desktop App 0.1.5 Beta release:

Note: Due to an issue with PhoneGap Desktop’s auto-updater, we recommend that you manually update using the download links provided above.

What’s New

This release focuses on adding auto-updates for OS X. After downloading and installing the release, all future releases will be auto-updated when the app is opened.

We haven’t forgot about Windows users! We are currently working on completing #291 Auto-updater for Windows users. Until complete, Windows will be notified of new updates with-in the app, but they will need to perform a manual update.

For those interested in the full CHANGELOG:

  • #232 Add auto-updater support
  • #340 Clean up the ISS script for compiling PhoneGapSetup.exe

Getting Involved

Once again, thank you to all of our users who have submitted feedback and issues to help improve the PhoneGap Desktop App!

You can help us improve it more by submitting issues, feature requests and ideas or by sending us a pull request to an existing issue.