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PhoneGap Developer App 1.5.2 Release

What’s New

  • Updated PhoneGap Developer App to use the Content Sync plugin
  • iOS orientation fix

Hello everyone, I’m here to annouce that the PhoneGap Developer App has been updated to 1.5.2. With this release, we have finally fixed the CORS issues that were in our previous versions. Plugins such as camera, file transfer, media should now be able to access assets off the file URI without returning an error. In addition, the proxying issues for your AJAX calls should be fixed as well.

With that said, an enormous amount has changed behind the scenes in the way the PhoneGap Developer App communicates with the Phonegap CLI. In order to get all of the new features 1.5.2 offers, please update the PhoneGap CLI to the latest version (5.0.0-0.28.0 or newer):

$ sudo npm update -g phonegap


C:\> npm update -g phonegap


If you’ve already downloaded the app, then your device will likely auto-update the app.

If you’re new to the app, you can download the 1.5.2 release for iOS AppStore, Android Play Store and Windows Phone Store by searching for PhoneGap Developer.

Getting Involved

You can keep up-to-date on our work by following the repositories issue tracker and our latest milestone release. Each milestone will be released to the app store.

Thanks for using our app!