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PhoneGap Docs Revamped

The PhoneGap team is excited to announce the long awaited and much needed updated to the PhoneGap Docs!

We’ve completely redesigned the website and rewritten the content. The first release has focused on the Getting Started experience and more content is coming soon. Developers will be introduced to the different tools available to get up and running quickly on a mobile device using a combination of the PhoneGap Desktop, PhoneGap CLI and PhoneGap Developer tools.

In the coming weeks we’ll be rolling out a series of new guides on a regular basis to help lead developers through each stage of the mobile development process. We’ve already lined up tutorials on configuring, optimizing, debugging and testing as well as submitting your apps to the various marketplaces in addition to general mobile development tips. We’ll also provide guides to help developers properly configure their apps and put an effort into clearing up past confusion as we recognize the docs have been a sore spot for developers.

We’re also aware of the confusion that exists due to questions about the difference between PhoneGap and the open source Apache Cordova project it’s based on. Since the Apache Cordova project has its own documentation pages, it is really the source developers should rely on for those references. However, the team is committed to continue supporting the Apache Cordova project wherever possible and will put an emphasis on contributing further to those docs as well.

Special thanks to teammates Joni Rustulka, Michael Brooks, Garth Brathwaite, and Holly Schinksky for their hard work on the design, setup and implementation of the new infrastructure needed to accomplish this.

We welcome your feedback and appreciate ideas on how we can make your experience with PhoneGap better. Please feel free to submit them to the docs issue tracker. Also, be sure to follow @phonegap and check back regularly to stay tuned on all the latest!