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PhoneGap Day EU 2015: Embedding Natively - The Hybrid Sweet Spot

A big thanks to everyone who was able to make it to PhoneGap Day EU 2015 in Amsterdam. We’ll be posting more videos from the conference so check back on our blog and Youtube channel.

Our next talk comes from Anis Kadri as he takes us through how to hit that hybrid sweet spot. Many developers choose to build native navigation and transitions into their apps but use webviews for the main content, allowing them to realize a large cost and time savings while making their app available to a wider range of users quickly. This approach also provides the ability to push timely updates without app store approval hassles. With this model, only a small native code-base needs to be maintained per platform, and it’s typically the static elements of the app rather than the main content, thus more manageable.

Slides available here