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PhoneGap Desktop App 0.1.9

PhoneGap Desktop App 0.1.9 is all about analytics. We’ve fixed up some of the data tracking and added Google Analytics support.


Download and install PhoneGap Desktop App 0.1.9 Beta release:

Note: If you have an issue with the PhoneGap Desktop’s auto-updater, we recommend that you manually update using the download links provided above.

What’s New

This release is all about house cleaning. We’ve cleaned up the code behind the scenes, fixed some event tracking, and added Google Analytics support.

For those interested in the full CHANGELOG:

  • #298 Add Google Analytics Support
  • #393 JSLint use dot notation
  • #398 CSS files returning 404 when referencing font
  • #399 Update Grunt to delete build folders
  • #400 Change ‘Add’ existing project to ‘Open’ existing project
  • #402 Analytics for projectsLoaded event is missing properties
  • #403 Replace grunt-node-webkit-builder dependency
  • #405 Add debug flag and disable tracking flag to Google Analytics

Getting Involved

As always, a big thanks goes out to our users for helping us improve the PhoneGap Desktop App by submitting feedback and issues.

You can join us in improving the app by submitting issues, feature requests and ideas or by sending us a pull request to an existing issue.