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Android Builds Now Using Gradle By Default

All android builds using any PhoneGap version above 4.0.0 will now use Gradle by default. For most users this change will not have an effect. Users who know what this change means and realise the flexibility it provides to plugin authors and users will most likely dance.


The main reasons behind changing the default build tool is: * user feedback * plugins depending on gradle are failing on PhoneGap Build * gradle offers more flexibility and options for plugin authors and users * the local Cordova / PhoneGap CLI defaults to gradle

Do I have to Do Anything?

There are a few issues that may require user action, they are minimal and relate to extended validation at build time: * minSdkVersion is now enforced on all libraries (typically included as part of a plugin). This means the minSdkVersion of your application, as set in your config.xml or the default (14 for phonegap 4.x.x), must be greater or equal to any Libraries included in the application. The plugin / library that specifies a higher minSdkVersion should be included as part of the error message. If not please view the build log. * 9-patch images will now be validated and will cause a failed build if they are invalid. Documentation on 9-patch images is here. To verify your 9-patch images if they fail validation you can download and use the 9-patch drawing tool available in the android-sdk or android studio. The build logs will mention the exact validation error in your image.

Things Ant What They Used To Be

As all build tools have their quirks we are adding a preference to override this default. To use Ant instead of Gradle you can add this to your config.xml:

<preference name="android-build-tool" value="ant" />


As usual, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to post to the community forum.