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PhoneGap Desktop App 0.2.1

PhoneGap Desktop App 0.2.1 is now available!

This release enables the Desktop App to display multiple IP addresses when the client has multiple public adapters. See #494 for screen shots of how it will appear.

The next time that you launch the PhoneGap Desktop App, you’ll see an update notification. Please follow the instructions to manually update to 0.2.1.


You can install the latest version of the PhoneGap Desktop App from our docs:

What’s New

For those interested in the full CHANGELOG:

  • #490 re-add license property to package.json
  • #492 udpate dev dependencies
  • #493 README updates
  • #494 upgrade to Connect-PhoneGap 0.18.1 / multi-IP address workflow
  • #499 debug flag was being overridden to true
  • #510 update to PhoneGap 5.3.9
  • #512 re-add license.txt to src folder

Getting Involved

We would like to thank our users for helping us improve the PhoneGap Desktop App by submitting feedback and issues.

Help us improve by submitting issues, feature requests and ideas or by sending us a pull request to an existing issue.