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Plugins From Git Repositories Are Now Available on PhoneGap Build!

Hey folks, we are happy to announce you can now use git-backed public plugins on PhoneGap Build.

This enables you to iterate and test plugins for your apps without the need to upload them to PhoneGap Build or the npm repository.

Adding git-backed plugins to your application is easy and is compatible with the Cordova-CLI config.xml format. All you have to do is add your repository to the spec attribute of the <plugin /> element in your config.xml. It’s pretty straight forward so we’ll just give some examples:

// install plugin from a git repository (name is optional)
<plugin spec="" source="git" />

// it doesn't have to be GitHub, it can be any git server
<plugin spec="" source="git" />

// if it's a full URI the source attribute is optional, as it'll be assumed
// it's git-backed. This also means it's compatible with the Cordova CLI
<plugin spec="" />

// if you want to reference a tag, branch or single commit or
// any commit-ish, add it at the end. Recommended, otherwise it'll
// just grab the head of master!!!
<plugin spec="" />
<plugin spec="" />
<plugin spec="" />

Full documentation can be found here.

As usual, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to post to the community forum or yell at me on twitter at @brettrudd.