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PhoneGap CLI 6.0.0

Phonegap CLI

Last week, we quietly released the PhoneGap CLI 6.0.0!

Install or Update

You can install the latest version by running:

$ npm install -g phonegap

Please checkout the PhoneGap Docs for detailed OS X and Windows installation guides.

Template Support

The main highlight of PhoneGap 6.0.0 is template support in Apache Cordova. PhoneGap has had template support for nearly a year and we’re happy to see it land inside Cordova as a default feature.

Using a template

When creating a new app, you can use an app template other than Hello World.

The following will create an app using our Framework 7 template (view on Github):

$ phonegap create my-app --template framework7

When you use a template, it’s fetched fresh from npm, so you’ll always use the latest release.

Listing available templates

PhoneGap comes bundled with a set of templates to get you started:

$ phonegap template list
blank              A blank and empty PhoneGap app.
hello-world        Default hello world app for PhoneGap.
framework7         Starter PhoneGap project for Framework7.
react-hot-loader   Starter PhoneGap project using React.js, Babel, Webpack and Hot Reloading.

Searching for more templates

You can also install templates authored by others from npm. At the moment, only the PhoneGap Team has published templates, but we’re hopeful that others will get on board. You can find available template on npm by searching for the cordova:template keyword.

For example, you can also install the Framework7 template using the npm package name:

$ phonegap create my-app --template phonegap-template-framework7

Learn more about templates

You can learn more about using templates by running the following two help commands:

$ phonegap template --help
$ phonegap create --help

Additional Changes

Some additional highlights includes:

  • default Android platform is cordova-android@5.1.0
  • default iOS platform is cordova-ios@4.0.0
  • default Windows platform is windows@4.3.0
  • deprecation notice for Amazon FireOS
  • deprecation notice for Windows Phone 8
  • added --no-hooks option
  • plugins are now fetched from npm instead of

You can read the full release notes on the Cordova 6.0.0 Release blog post.


As always, PhoneGap is completely open sourced. Please submit any issues, concerns, or feature requests to the PhoneGap CLI issue tracker

Thanks for using PhoneGap!