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PhoneGap Day US 2016: Build and Market Your App - Small Team Success

A big thanks to everyone who was able to make it to PhoneGap Day US 2016 in Lehi, UT. We’ll be posting more videos from the conference (and the workshops!) so check back on our blog. and Youtube channel.

Our next talk comes from the amazing Sworkit team, Ryan Hanna and David Frahm. They talk about doing more with less and provide valuable lessons learned in development and marketing when scaling your app with a small team.

This talk will provide the tools and methodologies to help any solo developer or small team build and then market their app to ensure it has the best chance for success. We’ll take a transparent look at the early beginnings of Sworkit to where it is now. From a single developer to a team of 10 employees, and from 10 downloads to 10 million. This talk will be a combination of the development and marketing lessons learned and implemented along the way.

And big congrats to the Sworkit team on all the success with their recent appearance on Shark Tank. Recap here.

Slides available here.