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A look back at PhoneGap at 4YFN and MWC 2016

We hosted our second PhoneGap Spain meetup a few weeks ago at 4YFN (a conference within Mobile World Congress focused on startups). What a week! 4YFN, in its 3rd edition with 12,500 attendees, was an incredible event! It was great to connect with startups from around the world and show how they can accelerate their mobile strategy with PhoneGap.



Weren’t able to make it to Barcelona? Check out the slide decks from the presentations below:

Simon MacDonald kicked off the presentations talking about push notifications. He discussed what a push notification is, why they are important to mobile developers, how to use them effectively, and most importantly, how not to annoy your users. He also went over design goals behind phonegap-plugin-push and how to add push functionality to your hybrid applications. Slides available here.

José Jesús offered some valuable tips for startups looking to get started in the mobile development scene. He discussed two key points to consider: defining what should be the minimum viable product, and which are the best tools for its development. He talked about PhoneGap as a key tool for mobile development in a startup and showed examples of real cases, explaining how the choice of technology has influenced every project. Slides available here.

And we ended the night with Claudio Cossio discussing trends in design and user experience for startups. There is an evolution in the interaction of software, apps and interconnected devices (IoT). Claudio discussed the main trends in user experience (UX) and high value interaction with the user, and furthermore the technology behind these opportunities. He demonstrated examples on how to integrate these trends in design and UX within the startup business model and the added value they can provide. Slides available here


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