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PhoneGap Desktop App 0.3.0

PhoneGap Desktop 0.3.0 is here!

A major feature has been added to PhoneGap Desktop. We’ve added Browser Platform support; which means you now have the option to preview your projects in the web browser on your computer.

We also managed to fix a few bugs and add some small enhancements:

  • keyboard shortcuts for creating a new project, adding an existing project & quitting PhoneGap Desktop
  • server address will launch your browser with the project being served

For a full list of changes made, see the CHANGELOG below.


You can install the latest version of the PhoneGap Desktop App from our docs:

What’s New

For those interested in the full CHANGELOG:

  • #310 - added copy to clipboard from the server log on OSX
  • #352 - server link is clickable
  • #502 - PG Desktop autoreload not working in desktop web browser
  • #546 - changing port does not update in the app
  • #555 - add keyboard shortcuts for basic functionality
  • #556 - add keyboard shortcuts
  • #560 - incorrect font used in PhoneGap Desktop UI
  • #561 - remove unused credits.html file
  • #562 - create project overlay doesn’t resize on project path error
  • #567 - use correct font in PhoneGap Desktop UI
  • #568 - browser support for PhoneGap Desktop
  • #573 - race condition for setDebugFlag and trackAppOpened method calls
  • #574 - switching projects does not properly serve the new app
  • #575 - Desktop App performance when bundling in CLI
  • #588 - make sure PhoneGap-CLI and connect-phonegap dependencies are updated
  • #594 - project doesn’t switch when new project is created
  • #596 - release updated browser support compatible versions of connect-phonegap & PhoneGap-CLI

Getting Involved

We would like to thank our users for helping us improve the PhoneGap Desktop App by submitting feedback and issues.

Help us improve by submitting issues, feature requests and ideas or by sending us a pull request to an existing issue.