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PhoneGap CLI 6.2.0

Phonegap CLI

Last week, we quietly released the PhoneGap CLI 6.2.0!

Install or Update

You can install the latest version by running:

$ npm install -g phonegap

Please checkout the PhoneGap Docs for detailed OS X and Windows installation guides.

Push Notifications

The main highlight of PhoneGap 6.2.0 is push notification support for the PhoneGap Developer App. You can now test push notification functionality without needing to set up a Google Cloud Messaging (GCM) project for Android or an Apple Push Notification Service (APNs) certification for iOS.

Sending pushes

When serving your app inside the PhoneGap Developer App you can use the new push command to send data to your application.

$ phonegap push --deviceID APA91bE1MmeTc92igNoi5OkDWUV --service apns --payload '{ "aps": { "alert": "Hello World" } }'

Learn more about sending pushes

You can learn more about sending pushes by running the following help command:

$ phonegap push --help

For more detailed information please see the Push Notification Developer Guide


As always, PhoneGap is completely open sourced. Please submit any issues, concerns, or feature requests to the PhoneGap CLI issue tracker

Thanks for using PhoneGap!