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PhoneGap Desktop App 0.3.2

PhoneGap Desktop 0.3.2 is addresses an issue with plugins not loading in the browser platform and several bug fixes. See the CHANGELOG below for more details.


You can install the latest version of the PhoneGap Desktop App from our docs:

What’s New

For those interested in the full CHANGELOG:

  • #579 - added a button to clear the server log-holder
  • #593 - changing port re-serves app but does not highlight properly
  • #595 - after removing projects, creating a new one will add removed projects
  • #598 - duplicate error on create project
  • #599 - existing project error on local path but no local path entered yet
  • #600 - config.xml error on project create
  • #601 - different project being served than desktop app highlights green
  • #603 - plugins not loaded in browser
  • #608 - ip address list needs to have an offline mode
  • #612 - copying config after installing dependencies can lead to incorrect module versions in build
  • #613 - closing log window will show ip address when server is off

Getting Involved

We would like to thank our users for helping us improve the PhoneGap Desktop App by submitting feedback and issues.

Help us improve by submitting issues, feature requests and ideas or by sending us a pull request to an existing issue.