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Try Augmented Reality with the PhoneGap Developer App

We are proud to announce that we are including the Wikitude Cordova plugin into the PhoneGap Developer App. Now users of the PhoneGap Developer App will be able to develop augmented reality projects.

About Wikitude


Wikitude offers a plugin for Cordova which enables the full power of the Wikitude SDK in your Cordova based apps.

The Wikitude SDK is based on web technologies, and provides the same method of app building found in Apache Cordova. The versatile JavaScript API makes your hybrid app a first class citizen when it comes to adding augmented reality features. Stick to the programming language and environment your are used to with Wikitude’s Cordova Plugin.

Product Facts

  • Wraps Wikitude SDK in a Cordova Plugin
  • Works cross-platform
  • Offline image recognition and tracking
  • Cloud-based image recognition and tracking
  • Location-based augmented reality
  • 35+ samples with source code
  • Plugin code available on GitHub
  • Free trial version with full feature set

Getting Started

Haven’t installed the PhoneGap Developer App yet? Well get to it!

The PhoneGap Developer App is a mobile app that runs on devices and allows you to preview and test the PhoneGap mobile apps you build across platforms without additional platform SDK setup. Getting started instructions here.

Now create your first project and try out Augmented Reality! The plugin specifically allows image recognition, image tracking, geo based augmented reality, and 3D rendering and animations to be inserted into scene. Additionally, users can sign up for Wikitude’s services to upload their own images to augment or play around with the samples the PhoneGap team will provide.

See it in Action

Watch this quick demo to see the Wikitude Cordova plugin in action with our new PhoneGap Samurai bot


Come to PhoneGap Day EU in Amsterdam on May 19-20 to try it out on our new swag. Can’t make it to Amsterdam? Be sure to download the PhoneGap Developer App and follow us on Twitter to play along at home.

sneak peek at our new swag