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Workshop Videos from PhoneGap Day EU + Call for New Topics!

It’s only been a few weeks since we celebrated PhoneGap Day in Amsterdam and we’re already feeling a little nostalgic. You are too? Oh good. Well, let’s wax nostalgic together and relive the workshop day with videos! Conference videos coming soon.

PhoneGap Day EU 2016 workshops sold out in record time this year so we opened up 2 concurrent tracks of great content all day. We repeated a few workshops from the US event as well as adding some new ones. These are a must watch! In case you missed the workshop videos from PhoneGap Day US 2016, check out the playlist here. Full disclosure, this is the first time we’ve recorded the workshops from PhoneGap Day EU and we’re still working out some kinks. Audio on some of the videos is super quiet and audio completely cuts out for the last 10 minutes of Simon MacDonald’s Push Notification workshop (all the sad faces) :(. We’ve included the slide links in the video descriptions so you can follow along even without the audio.

  FULL PhoneGap Day EU 2016 workshop playlist here   Or check out some of our favorites below!

Lastly, we want to know what you’d like to learn next! Fill out this quick survey to let us know topics you’d like us to cover in future workshops, tutorials, webinars, etc.

PhoneGap Essentials by Holly Schinsky. Holly covers all the essential building blocks for building apps with PhoneGap. She covers everything from performance tips to app debugging.

The awesome folks at Wikitude teach us how to create Augmented Reality apps with PhoneGap

Creating the Ideal Cordova Dev Environment by Ryan J Salva. Ryan geeks out over strategies for managing Node + NPM, customizing the command line with bash scripts, tricking out your code editor with plugins, optimizing your edit/preview/debug development loop, choosing devices for your hardware library, and streamlining deployment with continuous integration/release.