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PhoneGap Developer App 1.7.2 Update

Hello to our users, the PhoneGap Developer App has released a new version 1.7.2. This update includes some new plugins for you to use!

Installed in this update:

The cordova-plugin-socialsharing will allow developers to share content (text, links, images, etc) from their app to their Twitter, Facebook, or other social services. Social Sharing

The phonegap-plugin-barcodescanner adds barcode scanner support so you’ll be able to scan QR codes, barcodes and the like.

With the phonegap-plugin-mobile-accessibility, you’ll be able to access information about the various accessibility features currently enabled or disabled. For example, whether screen reader is running, inverted colors ar enabled or even prefered scaling of text.

Install or Update

To get the new version, simply follow this guide and you should have the new version in no time.