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Interning with the PhoneGap Team

What is it like to be an intern at PhoneGap?

I remember the feeling of excitement that rushed through my body when I first learned that I would be interning on the PhoneGap team a few weeks ago. Immediately after my phone call with human resources, I began googling and reading up on all I could about PhoneGap. During my research, I was totally intrigued by the power of PhoneGap’s open-source framework that could make mobile development accessible to thousands of web developers! Coming from a background in native mobile development, I was amazed that you could develop mobile apps so quickly and for so many platforms at once. Suddenly, I became a bit nervous as my experience was mostly in native, Android dev and I knew little about what it was like to develop for other platforms. I had a lot of uncertainties and questions running through my mind: “How would I fit in here with my background in native mobile development? How different was it going to be? What would I work on during my internship? What as I going to do when my answers weren’t hidden somewhere in the good, old Android documentation? Bottom line: How would I fit in and be able to contribute to the PhoneGap team even as an intern?” When I arrived at the San Francisco office for the first week of my internship, all of these fears totally disappeared once I met and got to know the PhoneGap team. Immediately, on a more superficial level, I want to start talking about all of the fantastic free food, happy hours, the fact that I can wear a t-shirt to work, never have to wait in line for the women’s bathroom, and occasionally get to watch hockey games at lunch-time with my Canadian co-workers. On a more serious note, I find myself surrounded by a team of wonderful people that want to help me feel comfortable and become successful on my new career path.

From my first day, they have:

  1. Truly made a point of welcoming and getting to know me, whether they were sitting a few feet away from me or miles away in another time zone (even though I was a total newbie)
  2. Offered and continue to offer support with anything that I’m confused about - from finding the copy machine to helping me to understand the code that I am working on
  3. Created an environment where it feels completely normal to ask questions and bounce ideas off of each other
  4. Helped me to really understand that staying positive, patient, and having a good attitude towards being open to exploring and learning unfamiliar things can go a long way and make you an even better developer! There will always be something new to learn and getting attached to just one thing in this field (cough, cough … my beloved Android documentation) can be dangerous as development is an exciting, constantly evolving field!
  5. And of course, provided me with the best, dedicated mentors that are committed to helping me learn and grow as a developer by providing relevant work, answering my laundry lists of questions, and taking time to teach and review concepts that I am not familiar with (and trust me, there are tons!)

During my internship at PhoneGap, I know that I have A LOT more to learn, but I have felt challenged, supported, and included here since I walked through the door. I am very grateful for this internship experience and know that I couldn’t have been matched with a better team or a friendlier, more easygoing group of people. I am excited to grow as a new developer with PhoneGap and also looking forward to continue picking up a few more tips about hockey along the way.