Third party tools for working with PhoneGap


ConfiGAP is an application designed to help you create the config.xml files used by Adobe® PhoneGap™ Build. If you have ever used PhoneGap Build, you know that creating the config.xml file can be a complex chore. ConfiGAP was built to make that process a bit easier.

Mobiscroll UI for Angular

Deliver great products on time with cross-platform mobile UI framework and components to build the Angular way. Fits perfectly into the Angular developer workflow. It is easy to get started with smart defaults but provides deep customization options. Designed with integration in mind, it plays nice with all your other development tools, frameworks and libraries.



Foneverify is a mobile authentication tool which is meant for developers to verify user’s phone numbers. With one simple integration developers can verify numbers in 200+ countries & pay only for successful verifications. We have an automated fallback option which ensures the verification is not aborted after one failed attempt.

We would like to have our tool available for phonegap customers. Looking forward to hearing from the team.

BuildFire Mobile App Building Platform

A mobile app building platform that requires no technical skill. With our simple to use web interface you can build complex applications with a few clicks of a mouse. Our ever growing list of widgets help you build apps that are perfect for your business. Build on top of phonegap/cordova we leverage cutting edge technologies to allow a single design to be deployed to both iOS and Android devices

Paypal mobile

PayPal Mobile Exclusively developed for Papal payment purpose, this free plug-in enables your customers to fulfil any payment with Paypal accounts. Description

Paypal is one of the most popular e-payment methods in the world, thus, supporting Paypal payment is a must-have functions of any mobile store app, including SimiCart. With that in mind, Paypal mobile payment gate way was developed to assist your customers to make payment via their Paypal account while shopping with your mobile shopping

Mobile App Theme Builder

Theme Builder for Mobiscroll Framework for your next Cross-Platform app.

Amazon Mobile Ads API Plug-in for Phone Gap

The Amazon Mobile Ads API Plug-in for PhoneGap is now available to help you monetize your app. The Amazon Mobile Ads API works with phones and tablets on Android, iOS, and Fire OS. This means you can use the Amazon Mobile Ads API in your Google Play, iTunes, and Amazon App Store distributed apps. The API supports banner and interstitial ads, and serves ads to users in the US, UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy and Japan.

Magento mobile shopping app

CUSTOMERS ARE MOVING TO MOBILE Powerful mobile shopping apps downloadable in App Stores Customers can download your professional magento mobile app to their iPhone, iPad or Android devices (native apps). They will love to use your shopping apps because it takes them LEAST time to purchase! Doubt it? Just 1 minute to search products by scanning bar code, QR code, 0.5 minute to login by connecting Facebook account, then 2 minutes to check out quickly by auto filling GPS address.

App Builder

Create cross-platform HTML5 apps without programming knowledge. Based on AngularJS, Bootstrap CSS and Cordova, App Builder allow non programmers to build their own HTMl5 apps in a visual way and prepare the apps behaviour using “actions” which can be edited also in a visual way. Programmers and more advanced users can also get beneficts using App Builder, since pure Javascript and CSS code are also possible to use.