Third party tools for working with PhoneGap


Always free, GapDebug provides a rich mobile debugging experience. It’s a complete iOS and Android debugging experience for PhoneGap and Cordova apps. GapDebug is seamless on Windows and Mac with no vendor or hardware lock in, simple debug on both Windows and Mac platforms. No instrumentation is needed (over USB, plug-and-go debugging. No requirement to build debug support into your app.


An open source mobile application development kit for Drupal websites, built on top of PhoneGap and jQueryMobile.

Graphics & Media Society UOS. (GMS)

it is our first e commerce app

NumBox jQuery Plugin

The NumBox jQuery Plugin, compatible with jQuery Mobile and other frameworks, was originally developed for PhoneGap applications, to help ensure that a numeric keyboard will pop-up on mobile devices when a number is entered. It offers real-time validation as you type plus display formatting for HTML5 input type=”number” elements.

UserApp - Add user authentication/management to your PhoneGap app

UserApp provides you with user management functionality that results in faster development, faster revenue, more users, and the ability to serve your users better by engaging with them more efficiently.


Konotor is a 2-way messaging inbox (with push notifications) for your app. Segment your app users, send marketing messages, reach out to inactive users, have conversations with users on feedback or support. This plugin works for iOS and Android.

Zuznow: Multi- Channel Platform for Enterprise Web-Based Applications

Zuznow offers a unique technology for multi-channel adaptation of enterprise web-based applications. This is the only platform that gives enterprise full control of their website, preserving UI and UX, as well as all advanced and complex feature and back-end logic, within a secure browsing experience. Zuznow proprietary solution combines automatic responsive and adaptive design technologies, and can be leveraged with PhoneGap solution for any App development.


A Grunt plugin for Phonegap applications.

grunt-phonegap integrates Phonegap development with Grunt-based workflows by wrapping the Phonegap 3.0 command line interface.

See for more information about the Grunt task runner.

Hipmob In-App Knowledgebase and Live Chat Cordova Plugin

Hipmob helps you make your mobile app users happy. With the most recent release, we’ve developed dedicated iOS and Android Cordova plugins, which make it easier and more seamless than ever to add an in-app knowledgebase to your app, or live chat with your mobile users and customers. Check us out at or see our PhoneGap resources at


Wakanda is complete development environment for web and mobile applications. Its open-source and uses just single language “JavaScript” to develop the whole app and its server logic. It uses model driven NoSQL database “WakandaDB” as storage. Whole designing and development of database model, business logic and client UI can be done in single IDE “Wakanda Studio”.