Third party tools for working with PhoneGap


If you are writing an app that needs to communicate with a back-end system then these libraries do all the hard work for you. Make a reliable Ajax call that buffers when you are offline and which copes with switching between WiFi and mobile networks. Send data to another named user from a device or from a backend system via a POST to our proxy, with push notifications for all the major platforms done for you.

JayStorm - Platform as a Service for Javascript Apps

JayStorm is the cloud based application environment for JavaScript Business Apps targeting all mobile platforms. You can build your database on-line, create the server-side business logic, then publish your API and access everything from any client. All with one single developer paradigm: JavaScript. Your data and public API’s are published with the standards based OData protocol so you can access them with nearly all kind of client environments from HTML5/JavaScript to Java or Objective-C.


Mobiscroll is a library of touch interfaces ranging from Date & Time Picker, Rating & Grading, Select Scroller to Temperature Picker. Built on solid ground with open technologies. Works with jQuery, jQuery Mobile, Zepto.JS and jqMobi. All components are themable, and they come with a theme library as well.


SendGrid’s cloud-based email infrastructure relieves businesses of the cost and complexity of maintaining custom email systems for your app. We provide reliable delivery, scalability and real-time analytics along with flexible SMTP relay and API’s that make custom integration a breeze. SendGrid solves the technical challenges, eliminating your email headaches, so that you can focus on your core product and meet the email demands of your business.

Tabatoo - Monetization Sidebar

Tabatoo is a disruptive monetization and engagement engine that gets you additional revenues while improving the user experience The Tabatoo sidebar encapsulates an extra real estate on your app where a mobile search, social connectors and ads are being placed. The mobile bar is revealed by the user at its own will, adding to the engagement and readiness to be presented with sponsored content. Tabatoo takes care of all the rest: an ecosystem of content and revenues. Go ahead and sign-up.


StartApp is a monetization and distribution platform focusing on free applications for Android devices. StartApp partners with app developers to help them make more money from their free apps by introducing search monetization to the mobile world. PhoneGap developers are able to integrate StartApp’s SDK and maximize their app revenue using a unique pay per download model.

AT&T SDK for PhoneGap

AT&T Developer Program and PhoneGap have enabled AT&T APIs to be accessible through the PhoneGap platform. Build and test with AT&T APIs effortlessly from within the PhoneGap development environment. Use the SDK to add features like: Advertising, Speech, Location, In App Messaging from Mobile Number, MMS and much more.

Tap for Tap Plugin

Tap for Tap - Get Users, Make Money. We are a cross-promotion exchange and monetization platform for Android and iOS apps. We help apps business’ succeed by providing a free promotion/advertising channel, and by monetizing their app’s ad inventory. Our cross-promotion network is a tap exchange, so when you install our SDK and begin serving ads for other apps, every tap you earn on your hosted ad unit is a tap you can spend promoting your app on another app in our network. Join today!


Lavaca is a mobile first web application framework built with extensibility in mind. Features include:

  • An MVC framework
  • Build process for PhoneGap integration
  • JS Templating
  • packaging and minification system
  • JSDoc generation
  • Unit testing framework(Jasmine)
  • Translation framework
  • Configuration management integrated into Build process


Moobile.js is a lightweight web application framework for engineering mobile and touch applications. It uses the MooTools library internally to manipulate user interface elements. The library is partially inspired by the ViewController mechanism in the Apple Cocoa frameworks.