Third party tools for working with PhoneGap


The Quicklight project is a collection of libraries that, along with the Saltarelle C# to Javascript compiler, allow a developer to write anything from Rich Internet Applications to Apps for mobile phones using C# and the HTML based Razor syntax. One of the libraries, the Quicklight.Mobile library, contains meta data for the PhoneGap/Cordova library. This allows the developer to write C# code against the PhoneGap/Cordova library, then compile it to Javascript using the Saltarelle compiler.


The-M-Project is a Mobile HTML5 framework to build cross-platform apps. It follows the MVC paradigma and comes with a great friend: Espresso. Espresso is the toolchain around The-M-Project and offers a test server, build script native packaging capabilties based on Phonegap and more great things. makes it easy for Phonegap developers to integrate their mobile applications into multiple cloud services such as Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, Evernote, Flickr, Instagram, Facebook, GMail-all with one simple, high quality API.

By integrating the Filepicker library into your app you can open-from and save-back to cloud services. Ideal for applications that need to work with user contents such as files and photos.

GitHub repo.

Barcode Scanner SDK and PhoneGap Plugin by Scandit

Scandit’s award-winning Barcode Scanner SDK transforms mobile devices into enterprise-grade barcode scanning and data capture tools for consumers and employees. Supporting all major mobile platforms and barcode types, Scandit’s software-based barcode scanner is lightning fast and easy to integrate into any PhoneGap application.

SellAring Mobile Ad Network

Sellaring is a mobile ad network for Android devices. SellAring enable developers to earn significantly higher revenue from their Android apps. Our SDK enables to monetize your entire installed base (and not just your active users as traditional ad networks do). We keep your app clear of in-app banners, enabling you to deliver better (banner free) user experience, by providing out-app ads. Your App users receive no more than 2 ads per day, which is a small number in return for using your app

Urban Airship

Seamlessly integrate Urban Airship's push messaging capabilities using the drop-in client libraries wrapped in a JavaScript API.


Hipmob makes it easy to talk to your mobile users. Within 15 minutes, you can integrate a live chat client, that is perfect for providing user support. Your users get a simple messaging window, and you can log in through Jabber/XMPP (using iChat, Adium or imo)!


The Backend as a Service company that makes it easy for developers to setup and operate scalable cloud backends for mobile, tablet and web apps. Developers using PhoneGap to build native mobile applications can now save themselves the time and aggravation of building the backend "plumbing". 1. Grab the library 2. Build your app 3. Code in action

Web 2.0 Touch

HTML5/JavaScript framework for developing web applications for iPhone that look like native. Easy to setup and package with PhoneGap.

Placed Analytics

Placed is Location Analytics. By connecting the physical and digital worlds, Placed is creating a new class of analytics focused on location. Placed Analytics, a free service, anonymously measures, aggregates, and analyzes the paths and places people visit in the physical world.