Developing for the iPhone


Jesse Macfadyen

Shazron Abdullah

Andrew Lunny

What's good about the iPhone?

* iPad changes this

What's bad about the iPhone?

The Apple Path to iPhone Development
Don't worry guys
The PhoneGap Path to iPhone Development
Get an iPhone + a Mac Yes
Sign up with Apple Yep
Install XCode Same
Learn Objective-C NO!
Provision your phone uh-huh
Build Your AppYeah
Submit to Apple, and wait ...of course ...

So how does this work?

It all starts with UIWebView

DeviceInfo = {"version":"3.0","uuid":"B486A392-2B43-551F-88E3-773FC454FD82","name":"iPhone Simulator","platform":"iPhone Simulator","gap":"0.8.0"};

stringByEvaluatingJavaScriptFromString can call js methods too!


So how does Javascript call Objective-C?

On the iPhone, js sets the location.

document.location = "gap://Location.start/null"; Note: the calls from JS->ObjC are Asynchronous, there is NO return value
All PhoneGap js calls are accessed through the navigator object

Where is PhoneGap.js?

This used to be an issue, thankfully the EDGE version addresses it.

There will be only one phonegap.js file and it will be built when you build your app.

How do I debug it?

How to setup for Javascript debugging

Desktop Safari is very close to Mobile Safari ( close but not exactly )

Things to keep in mind:

The iPhone simulator runs about 1000 times smoother and faster than the device, ALWAYS test on the device

Don't depend on timeouts firing on time! Use callbacks.


The new way of being sure that phonegap is ready to receive your commands.

DOM event based, so you add a listener to the document.

Let's see the code!